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Welcome to Step Ahead Pain Clinic in Baner, where you will find expert care and specialized services tailored to your needs. Dr. Kapil Saoji, our accomplished Orthopaedic surgeon, brings extensive experience in Joint Replacement Surgeries, including complex Hip & Knee Replacements. He is also well-versed in addressing a wide range of Foot and Ankle problems, from sports injuries to deformities and infections. With a successful tenure at a Trauma Hospital, Mumbai, he has handled all kinds of complex trauma surgeries with success.

Joining Dr. Kapil Saoji is Dr. Priya Lahane Saoji, an accomplished Anaesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist in Baner Pune. She perfected regional anaesthesia skills, focusing on upper and lower limb blocks and pain management for orthopaedic procedures. She has also completed a Pain Management Fellowship at Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad, and is committed to helping pain-afflicted patients achieve an improved quality of life through her in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. At our Clinic, rest assured that you will receive top-notch care from our dedicated and experienced team.

Expert Care at Best Pain Management Clinic in Baner

Step Ahead Clinic is the premier destination for pain management, offering top-notch care and personalized treatment plans to help patients find relief from chronic pain. As the best pain management clinic in Baner, we prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, providing comprehensive solutions to address a wide range of pain conditions. Our team of experienced pain specialists utilizes advanced techniques and therapies to manage pain effectively, helping patients regain control of their lives and improve their overall quality of life. Whether you're struggling with back pain, arthritis, or neuropathic pain, you can trust Step Ahead Pain Clinic in baner to provide compassionate care and effective pain management solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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