Knee Ligament Operation Or Arthroscopy

Cross Ligament Operation
Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique, which carries a 50% less chance of infection and a faster recovery compared to the classical technique.

The reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments also called knee arthroscopy in Pune. It is a surgery to rebuild the ligament in the centre of the knee. This ligament, the anterior cruciate ligament, holds the tibia in place. Its breakage can cause that during physical activity, the knee does not move correctly.

Injuries to the cruciate ligament cause instability in the knee. And in the long run, this increases the likelihood of a meniscus tear. The cruciate ligament reconstruction is also recommended when knee pain, when it becomes impossible to sport or other daily activities, when other ligaments are damaged or when there is a meniscal tear.

Information about surgery

What does Cruciate Ligament Surgery consist of?

The knee arthroscopy operation consists of replacing the anterior cruciate ligament with tissue from the patient’s own body and is usually taken from a patella tendon or a hamstring. During the procedure, orthopaedic surgeon in Pune inserts a camera into the knee through a small incision. Through other small incisions around the knee, the rest of the medical instruments are introduced. The old ligament is removed and the new ligament is fixed with screws or other devices to hold it in place. The advantage of this technique over others is the speed with which the patient can return to a normal life. The type of anaesthesia used for this intervention is general or epidural.

How is the postoperative period?

Typically, the patient leaves the hospital the day after surgery (depending on each patient) and must use crutches between the first and fourth week. It is advisable to move your knee immediately after surgery to prevent stiffness. Once at home, the patient will need the help of a friend or relative to carry out daily activities. It is not recommended to take the weight, or to bend the knee too much until the ligament is well seated. After the operation, it is usually necessary for the patient to follow a rehabilitation program for 4 to 6 months. This routine can help you regain normal movement and strength in your knee.